7 Methods of Inspecting Metal Stamping Parts

Metal fabrication is widely used in all industry, like aerospace, construction, energy sector, automobile, manufacturing, shipping industry, farming, furniture etc. We make a lot of metal working including bracket, metal enclosure, deep drawn parts, dust covers, sealing parts, steel structure etc.

Metal precision stamping parts can be applied to instruments, meters, office machinery, computers, electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment, switch and so on. Their requirements are higher than metal fabrication. To get a qualified metal stamping parts, there are some methods of inspection for stamping parts:

metal precision stamping parts

1. Flexible gauze grinding

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. Use a flexible sand net to closely adhere to the surface of the stamping part and grind it longitudinally to the entire surface. Any pitting and indentation will be easily found.

2. Touch inspection

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. The inspector needs to wear touch gloves and touch the surface of the stamping part along the longitudinal direction of the stamping part. This inspection method depends on the experience of the inspector. If necessary, the detected suspicious area can be polished with oilstone and verified, but this method is an effective and quick inspection method.

3. Visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to find abnormal appearance and macroscopic defects of stamping parts.

4. Whetstone grinding

First wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze, then polish it with a whetstone (20×20×100mm or larger), and use a relatively small whetstone to polish the places with arcs and hard-to-reach places. (for example: 8×100mm semi-circular whetstone)

The choice of oil stone particle size depends on the surface condition (such as roughness, galvanized, etc.). A fine-grained oilstone is recommended. The direction of the oilstone grinding is basically along the longitudinal direction, and it fits the surface of the stamping part well, and some special places can also supplement the horizontal grinding.

5. Gauge detection

Put the stamping parts into the inspection fixture, and inspect the stamping parts according to the operation requirements of the inspection fixture manual.

metal part inspection tool

6. Oil inspection

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. Then use a clean brush to apply oil evenly along the same direction to the entire outer surface of the stamping. Put the stamped parts coated with oil under strong light for inspection. It is recommended to stand the stamped parts on the body position. With this method, it is easy to find tiny pits, pits, and ripples on the stamping parts.

7. Safety production

In actual production, technological tests similar to the stamping process are commonly used, such as deep drawing performance test, bulging performance test, etc. to test the stamping performance of materials, so as to ensure the quality of finished products and a high pass rate.

The precision and structure of stamping parts equipment mold directly affect the forming and precision of stamping parts. Mold manufacturing cost and life are important factors affecting the cost and quality of stamping parts. Die design and manufacture require more time, which prolongs the production lead time of new stamping parts.

Stamping equipment generally adopts mechanical presses except for the forming of thick plates by hydraulic presses. Transportation and other machinery, mold library and quick mold change device, and controlled by computer program, can form a high-productivity automatic stamping production line.

In the case of producing dozens or hundreds of stamping parts per minute, the processes of feeding, stamping, part output, and waste discharge are completed in a short period of time, and personal, equipment, and quality accidents often occur. Therefore, safe production in stamping is a very important issue.

stamping part equipment

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