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Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd was founded in June 2007, in Cangzhou city. At beginning of opening, we only produce earth screws. With more than 10 years development, the business covers iron and steel field, including four categories: farm supply, foundations, garden supply and timber connectors…

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earth screw

Six Models in Various Lengths

Helical piles, known as helical anchors, piers, screw anchors or screw piles, are screwed into the ground with the application of torque, they’re used for deep foundation solutions to construct new or repair existing foundations.

They are produced with the use of different sizes of tubular hollow sections for the anchor shaft. The parts may consist of a solid square bar shaft or a hollow tubular shaft with helical plates welded to it. Tubular helical piles have, however, become the standard helical piles.

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earth screws

An Important Role in Foundation System

post supports

Erect timber fence post easily and effectively

BBQ mesh

Durable and can be easily cleaned after cooking

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