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  • Garden gate, baluster tube.

  • Steel pallet or carton or as your request.

  • 5-20days after official comfirm.

Baluster tube

Looking for baluster tubes that are both strong and stylish? Our round galvanized steel baluster might be the perfect fit for your decking needs. Construct a wood composite deck railing system with ease, and achieve a sleek, modern look that’s stable and clean. With its black powder-coated surface, this baluster will stand the test of time, even in harsh outdoor environments. Enjoy not only the security of your deck, but also its beauty, with our reliable railing balusters.

Material Shape Length Diameter Thickness Surface
Galvanized steel Round,Square 24.94″ 0.75″ 0.055″ Powder coated
30.94″ 0.75″ 0.055″
round baluster tube

Fence post caps

A fence post cap protects your fence’s posts from water damage, which can lead to rot and corrosion over time. The cap also prevents debris, such as leaves, dirt, and snow, from accumulating on top of your fence posts, reducing the risk of posts being weakened from exposure to moisture. Also a fence post cap also adds an extra touch of style. From decorative to practical, there are a variety of options available to make your fence stand out.

Material Shape Color
Iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper square, pyramid, ball sliver, black, red cooper
fence post caps

BBQ mesh

Our BBQ mesh is available in different sizes to suit your needs, whether you’re cooking for a small gathering of family and friends or a large outdoor party. Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to take with you on camping trips, picnics, or any other outdoor events.

Investing in our BBQ mesh is a smart choice for anyone who loves to grill. It saves you time and effort, reduces the mess, and guarantees amazing results every time. Say goodbye to frustrating grilling experiences and get ready to enjoy perfectly grilled meats, veggies, and more.

Order your BBQ mesh now and take your outdoor grilling game to the next level!

Material Wire diameter Aperture size
Stainless steel wire 0.4mm – 3.0mm. 1mm – 15mm
BBQ mesh

Garden gate

Garden gates do more than just provide security to your property – they also add elegance and style to your outdoor space. If you’re looking for high-quality garden gates that combine beauty and function, look no further than our selection.

Garden Gate (cm) Post Dia. (mm) Frame Dia. (mm) Wire Dia. mm Mesh (mm) Door Size (cm) Post Height (cm)
100×100 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 100*87 150
100×120 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 120*87 170
100×125 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 125*87 175
100×150 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 150*87 200
100×175 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 175*87 225
100×180 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 180*87 230
100×200 60×1.5 40×1.2 4 50×50 200*87 250
garden gate